Hearts Together for Haiti is beginning to offer a weekly clinic in the village of Deppe.  On Monday, August 11, Dr. Chedly Bolivar & Dr. Lazard arrived in Deppe for the first mobile clinic.  The need is tremendous.  Hearts Together for Haiti is continuing to fundraise for medicine, diagnostic supplies, and maternal health care supplies.

In Memory of Derlise Saintaman, who suffered from a lifetime of poor nutrition and medical care, we established an emergency medical fund for the needy.  Below, Witchy Richemond is shown receiving his hospital treatment, without which, he may not have survived.  The Derlise Saintaman Medical Fund paid for all of his hospital expenses, from IV fluids to warmer clothes for the hospital. 

In addition to emergency support, the Derlise Saintaman Medical fund has, and will continue to provide prescriptions for the needy, so that the people of these communities will have access to basic medical care.