Thank you


Hearts Together for  Haiti relies on the generosity of countless people to maintain our programs.  We thank everybody who has contributed their time, talents, and hard work. 

Much of Hearts Together for Haiti’s work is possible through the steadfast and dedicated commitment of Glen Jackson.  Since his first trip to Haiti in 2010, he has fallen in love with Haiti and its people.  Through personal funds and a family Foundation, he has contributed to the purchase of land for the Kay Nou home, the School of Hope (Lekol Espwa) and the guest house.

Glen is a firm believer in the power of education to change the world. This belief was brought to fruition through the construction of Lekol Espwa in 2012, and continues to be demonstrated.

Glen understands the value of health care, and has helped numerous Haitians with their health issues.  He has taken time to learn Kreyol, listens carefully to the many stories offered to him, travels to Haiti regularly, recruits many education sponsors for Hearts Together for Haiti programs, is active in fundraising efforts, and is not above manual labour!

Like many humanitarians, the effects of his actions can never be accurately measured.  All we can say is “Thank you, Glen Jackson!”

Mesi anpil!

We send a very special thank you to Steve Decaire and the team at Paladin Security.  Not only do they provide funding for security at the Kay Nou orphanage in Haiti --providing the essential service for safety for some of Haiti’s most vulnerable children, they also are donating computers for the girls of Kay Nou and for the school children of the Deppe village.  These computers are educational tools, and will provide essential life skills for all of these children to be productive members of a 21st century world.  Mesi anpil--thank you very much!!